You are the DISNEY FANDOM and it seems as though the other fandoms have entered a GAME without you. You do LOVE games oh so much, so naturally you are going to PURSUE them. How dare they not invite you. 

You are like everyone’s MOTHER and you are much OLDER than anyone can REMEMBER. And like a mother, you want to keep your DEAR FAMILY together, but seeing as many of them have trouble OBEYING you and do not want to MERGE with you, regrettably you must persuade them through FORCE.

Either way, they are already part of your FANDOM. They have been since they were just CHILDREN. And those who claim to not be in your fandom are LIARS. For all shall become ONE with you soon. You have already devoured assimilated with the MARVEL, TIM BURTON, and the STAR WARS FANDOM some time ago.

The GHIBLI FANDOM, however, remains strong. Many would think you two would be ENEMIES but in fact, you are more like COMPANIONS. Or rather, the two of you do BUSINESS together.

GHIBLI’S manner of not DEVOURING fandoms like you do makes the other fandoms TRUST them more than you. This doesn’t bode well with you, but you’d be a FOOL to break ties with a fandom as POWERFUL as GHIBLI. Maybe even someday your long time PARTNERSHIP with them will give you the opportunity to brainwash CONVINCE them that your ways of life and business are the best course of action for not only them, but for all fandoms.

Your love of MAGIC, FAIRYTALES, ROMANCE, and THE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN makes up a large part of you, and that magic is what draws people to your fandom. But you are also a large BUSINESS which INTIMIDATES people. You don’t like to think of yourself as EVIL but yes, sometimes force is necessary to bring your FAMILY closer together. 

You shall win this “SBURB” game so that your family will finally all bet̜͎̣̳̫o̥͚̹̲̣͖͜g̞̰̭e̷̤̫t͇h͜e̸͍͚̰̗͍r̹̼̭̣̮̬̮͘.

Godtier: Muse of Heart
Reasoning: The Muse class is based on the role of a Muse; to inspire. Disney fandom has touched the hearts of many for over a century, and there is power in that. When you inspire someone, put ideas into someone’s heart and mind, you can easily manipulate them.

Land of Magic and Mice
Prospit Dreamer
Typing Quirk: Very polite. All proper spelling, no gramatical errors, though her way of wording things can sometimes come out sounding a bit 
t̤͓̯ͅͅh͙͚̘͚r̞̩̥̜̞̮̲ẹ̵a̢̟̼̻͈t̵ḙ̢̝̦̤̯ͅni͚̹̤͇̞̲ͅn̩͔̖̹ͅg̘̩ͅ. ̱̠̼͍̝


(Disney Fandom’s Design belongs to :
Used these two panels from the comic as reference: (x) (x) 
First time using pixel-ish art eek it was really weird)

I really liked what  piratica said about Disney being the Lord English of Fandomstuck. I also saw her being a potential Condesce type. I mean, she has a huge business (like Betty Crocker) and could easily brainwash people into merging with her through all her movies and merchandise (Disney’s been swallowing up a lot of other fandoms lately).

And before people attack me, I love Disney and Ghibli equally! I just like the idea of Disney as a huge evil corporation for the sake of the Fandomstuck story. It was really hard not to portray her as being the other little sister that everyone loves like Ghibli. ((click on the mickey mouse ears for a description of them!))

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